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Viral Marketing Campaigns | Viral Advertising

Word of mouth carries weight in this digital economy

Viral marketing is smart marketing.

What makes
to go viral?

That’s a fair question and the honest answer is this: evoke an emotion by creating an experience of entertainment – enough so to make someone feel the need to share it. We have done this successfully using many mechanisms available to digital and online.

is key.

Ultimately you want to achieve a marketing objective, right? Why not super charge your results with a viral component that will give some guerrilla to your marketing efforts. We can help you do that…

Meeting an objective in a fun way

Unique online

We love having fun, and the truth is you just have that gut feeling when you are creating a campaign that the online audience is going to enjoy – nearly as much as you did creating it. We have a multitude of options available to create a campaign that can educate, drive adoption, drive action, and create an immense amount of brand awareness and exposure.

We have all seen guerrilla marketing in action. Smart marketing that can reach a company objective effortlessly and make people want to be part of it, so much so that they even want to share it with those around them.

Entertain, evoke emotion, engage

Different approaches
for the same result.

We have built elaborate campaigns ranging from campaign for Doctors Without Borders, addressing serious topics like Malaria in Africa, to giving clients the opportunity to spin the wheel of fortunate and win immediate giveaway spot prizes. What do these campaigns have in common? Users engaged with it, enjoyed it, and shared it far and wide.

If you are looking for a way to capture an audience and get exposure far past your marketing budget, then you should pull us into the picture. Let’s have a brainstorm and develop something unique that will catch the eye.

Blur the lines of work and play to find the sweet spot

We have fun while we work.

We have built the most entertaining online games. Games that are fun to play, yes for adults and kids alike. Be it a personality quiz on social media, or a memory game that shows off tenants in a mall. You name it, we have done it, well.

Truth is, no one ever really grows up and it’s a fact that we enjoy being entertained. Capture visitors’ attention, draw them in and ensure the experience is fun enough to share. Let us show you how we have done this before and how we can use that knowledge to do it even better for you.

The big, or should we now say small, buzz of micro-influencers is hitting the stage in ZA. We’ve run elaborate social influencer campaigns for large corporates like the Airport Company of South Africa, which grew their Instagram following with more than 1,900% over just a couple of months.

We can identify, negotiate, and ensure you extract the best possible value from your social media influencer campaign while we put a spin on it that will supercharge results.


What our clients say
about FGX.

Customer Support

“FGX has been amazing in assisting me with my website during this lockdown. I know it’s part of paying the monthly retainer, but truly you are so responsive and have been a great help. If I didn’t know any better I’d think you were all still at work, so well done on the transition!”
Demitri Tambourlas

Founder, Demsays Online Learning

Web Design

“I really enjoyed working with you on the design side and I thank you for a really beautiful site.”
Tia Hocanin

Integrated Marketing Manager, Cash Converters

Web & Event Merchendice

FGX executed the project excellently and we highly recommend them as service providers - our standards are high and they managed to exceed our expectations.
Riaan Els

Fuchs Foundation, CEO